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How I work

Carl Rogers
Ojas Counselling happens in my home, in a lovely Mediterranean themed room with an (artificial lemon) tree to bring a calm setting to the exploration that is counselling. 

I take my primary inspiration from psychotherapist Carl Rogers who founded the person-centred counselling movement in the 1950s.  It is a non-judgmental, non-labelling approach and is concerned about what the client thinks, as they are the expert on themselves, and is empowering for the client as they get to say exactly what they want to talk about and will lead the sessions.

This approach is about increasing self-love and self-compassion, finding value in yourself and developing a growth mindset.  There are many ways to create new habits which serve you so much better than the autopilot you may be relying on just now.

Counselling is a space where you can open up, explore and become more aware.
  It is creative and intuitive and completely unique, with a level of openness, trust and confidentiality which you may not have experienced before. 
Growth is central to person-centred counselling as is a positive belief that you can use your skills and energy to change any part of your life.  This might be the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social or practical.
I am an ally for anyone who feels they are treated with less dignity and value than the main group they are in.  I want to give every client who comes to me their own voice, so they can go out and sing into the world and feel connected and whole.

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